Best Office Seating Arrangements for Effective Teamwork

Best Office Seating Arrangements for Effective Teamwork


Thanks to corporations like Google, in recent times.....

Published on the 22nd May 2017

Thanks to corporations like Google, in recent times, the ‘creative’ approach has dominated organisational office design. Workspaces should now be imaginative, collaborative and fun. In order for your business to thrive, you need to ensure that cross-functional teams are able to collaborate effectively and this is why your office seating should be a crucial factor when designing your workspace. Below we list some of the best types of seating for effective modern teamwork.

Modular furniture

Modular office seating has a number of substantial benefits, the primary one being that it is easily moveable and thus, very adaptable. This is great for creating practical workspaces, particularly when different sized teams need to meet on an ad-hoc basis. Modular furniture is also ‘future-proof’, meaning that if your organisation grows, downsizes or moves offices, the furniture can easily adjust to the changing business environment.

Bench seating

Businesses, particularly in creative and tech industries, should now think of work as a place to share knowledge and converse. As such, individual seats or cubicles are mostly now a thing of the past. Good contemporary office designers will think in rows or clusters, allowing for better communication amongst teams. Bench seating in breakout areas and shared spaces allows for the free-flowing of ideas, whilst also looking nice and modern.

Seating booths

Seating booths are a great solution in situations when teams want to convene away from the formal meeting room, but still require an element privacy. Many modern office seating booths now feature sound proofing, so that teams can assemble in open plan office spaces without disturbing other employees around them.

Seating consoles and canopies

Office seating canopies are versatile and make great options for cooperation, individual work or socialising. Many contain integrated work surfaces and built-in charging stations, making them good choices for collaborative working, such as team planning for an upcoming presentation or business meeting. The privacy element is also beneficial if noise reduction is an important factor you need to consider when designing your office space. 

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