Your Boardroom

What Does Your Boardroom Say About Your Business?


It is arguable that your company boardroom is the most important area in your office.....

Published on the 25th April 2017

This is where client meetings are held, proposals are made and conference calls take place. As such, the atmosphere you create in your boardroom will define how your business is portrayed in the eyes of potential customers, interviewees and even current staff. If you want to create a boardroom that will leave a good lasting impression, read our tips below.

Your industry

The meeting room is the central hub of your business and where your most important decisions will be carried out. You need to think carefully about how you want your company to be perceived by others and this is likely to differ according to the category or industry your business belongs to.

Think about Google, for example; we have all heard the stories about its eccentric headquarters, right down to the uniquely decorated boardrooms. This is a company in a creative industry and therefore, if you too belong in this category, such as a digital agency, you might also want your boardroom to give off a modern, relaxed vibe. On the other hand, if you work in the finance sector, you might want to create a more professional, formal meeting space.

Boardroom furniture and décor

As your meeting room is at the heart of your business, you will most likely be spending a lot of time in here. As such, investing in durable, comfortable boardroom furniture is essential. You want visitors to sit in comfort and be impressed, so you should have appropriate chairs and an attractive boardroom table.

Likewise, decorating your meeting room with nice pictures, greenery and good lighting will all contribute to improving motivation and creating a pleasant ambience. However, bear in mind that less is usually more, so try not to overcrowd the area.


If you are a company with a limited amount of meeting room space, you need to be cautious of how you make the most of it. Conference room tables should fit nicely in the boardroom, with adequate space to move around comfortably and be able to present and pitch ideas well.

It might also be a good idea to invest in folding furniture. This way, you maximise space when there are a smaller number of people present in the meeting room. Moreover, it is essential that you keep your boardroom tidy, clutter free and organised. Not only will this make the room look more spacious, but it will also give off an air of professionalism.


Since you will be holding important meetings and conference calls in here, it is imperative to have the right equipment and technology. The presence of white boards, projectors and Wi-Fi access will show prospective clients that you are business-savvy and prepared, whilst also allowing for easier, more efficient presentations and conference calls to take place.

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