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How to Create an Inviting Office Reception Area


A quick guide to making the most of your reception area......

Published on the 13th April 2017

First impressions are important and this is particularly true when it comes to your business environment. Your reception area is the first thing visitors will see when they set foot in your organisation, so it is essential that it gives off the right vibe.  Read our tips below on how to create an inviting office reception area.


Your reception area should, above all, be comfortable, as this is where prospective clients, business partners and interviewees will be waiting whenever they drop in. As such, your organisation needs to be equipped with the right office furniture so that guests feel at ease, which is why investing in comfortable, durable reception seating is essential.

To ensure visitors are kept refreshed and energised, a nice touch is to have a water dispenser and coffee/tea maker in the reception area. This will make visitors feel welcome and show that you care about their well-being.


When designing your office reception area, you should seek to incorporate appealing decorations and objects. Displaying art on the wall will give off an air of professionalism and produce an overall calming influence. Studies have shown that plants can increase productivity, relax us and reduce stress levels, so consider placing some nice greenery in the reception area too – just make sure you water them!

Guests visiting your office may be waiting for quite some time, so it may be a good idea to ensure they have things to keep themselves occupied. Consider placing magazines and industry-related books in the reception area for visitors to browse through. If possible, invest in a Wi-Fi connection for guests only and place company-branded cards with the access password within easy reach, on the coffee table.


Creating an inviting air is important in making guests want to stick around or revisit in future. Think about how you would like to be greeted when entering a building and strive to emulate that. Accordingly, train reception staff to smile, be friendly and offer a drink to guests. Furthermore, ensure that background music is appropriate and does not overpower guests – your aim is to relax, not deafen them.


Besides aiming for comfort and practicality, your reception area should strive to reflect your brand. Consider decorating it in your company colours and make sure the logo is clearly visible behind the reception desk as soon as somebody walks in. While not being overbearing, you want to create a memorable, long-lasting impression of your business.

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