How to Create a Multifunctional Workspace

Inspirational Ways To Create a Multifunctional Workspace


How to Create a Multifunctional Workspace......

Published on the 27th April 2017

Gone are the days where most offices would feature mundane rows of desks and chairs, doing little to stimulate employee motivation and creativity. Now, the modern office should be adaptable, allowing employees to work to the best of their abilities according to the task at hand. As such, many organisations are now re-designing their workspaces and investing in office furniture which allows them to serve several different functions. Read on for ways to create a multifunctional workspace for your company. 

Modular furniture

You might think that modular office furniture is simply used for convenience, but actually, it has several advantages in creating practical working spaces. The core benefit of modular office furniture is that it is versatile and easy to reassemble, offering the ability to adapt according the number of people present in a meeting, the style or type of meeting and the layout of the office. Modular furniture is therefore ‘future-proof’, meaning that if your business were to grow or downsize in the future, the furniture can be modified to suit the changing office landscape.

Moving partitions

If you work in an open plan office, adding movable partitions can help to create a multifunctional space which is easily adaptable and can divide a room or expand it into a larger open space in just seconds. As such, moveable walls prove very useful when dividing teams according to current projects, especially where these frequently change. Moreover, room dividers can help in minimising sound and creating privacy in large office spaces where regular, spontaneous brainstorming sessions or quick catch up meetings need to take place away from the rest of the office.

Adjustable desks

Height adjustable desks allow for future planning, as they are easily adaptable to a wide variety of people and therefore allow employees the ability to adjust the desk according to the working position most comfortable to them. Moreover, adjustable desks are great for adapting to different work assignments. For example, if you need to stand up and spread out several documents, this can be done, just like sitting down and mulling over one document is possible.

Soft seating

Modern soft seating options, such as small tub chairs, lightweight stools or bean bags provide good alternatives to regular, bulky office furniture which is difficult to move. As such, these additions are great for informal meetings or corporate breakout areas, offering a flexible, practical design to your workspace.


Since technology has significantly changed the way we work, your modern office environment should now seek to accommodate these changes. When designing your workspace, place power sockets in several practical areas, such as under employee desks, or consider investing in easily movable office furniture which incorporates charging stations or Bluetooth for mobile devices, allowing employees to stay connected and collaborate effectively wherever they are. 

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