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First Impressions Count

When a visitor comes into your office, the reception area is the first thing they will be greeted with. The design and layout of this space plays a significant role in how an individual perceives your business. In just a few seconds a person can determine the type of working environment your organisation fosters. They immediately get a glimpse into your company’s culture and make a sub-conscious decision as to whether they are likely to deal with your business or not. As such, if you want to attract more clients and hire the best employees, you need to ensure your reception area makes a striking first impression.

A well-presented, welcoming and stylish reception area is your chance to give the perfect representation of your business to any visitor. To present yourself as a hard-working and fully capable company, nothing beats a fresh, clean reception area. 

Remember, your reception area should be obvious to anyone who walks into your building. A clearly marked reception desk is therefore advisable.

When designing your office reception area there are two key pieces of furniture to consider:

Attractive Reception Desk

An inviting office reception desk goes a long way in helping to present your business in a positive light. This is the first piece of furniture that anyone will lay eyes on when they enter the building and as such, you need to select the right piece for your business.

If your current reception desk is old, rickety or shabby, then it is certainly the right time to begin browsing through our extensive collection in search of a fresh, modern, chic desk, which ultimately portrays your business as a successful one that is flourishing.

Comfortable Reception Seating

There are some key features that you should keep in mind when choosing the seating for your reception area. They include:

· Professional look – while a bean bag may be a fun addition to a breakout area, they should typically be kept away from the reception area. Unless you are a creative agency, playful seating like this tends to give off an overly relaxed vibe, which may not be the best impression to make to any prospective clients or potential employees. When first meeting these people, you want your organisation to seem proficient and business-oriented.

· Maximum Comfort – chances are that people are going to be waiting in your reception area for some time. It is therefore important to choose comfortable reception seating, so that they immediately feel relaxed and at ease prior to a formal meeting. This goes a long way in creating a positively memorable experience of your company – who doesn’t love a comfy sofa?

· Be Bold – sometimes the best designs are those that stick in your mind. There are so many fantastic and unique products in the Planscape furniture range; choose from bright, colourful pieces, to those which are simple and elegant. You can even match your chairs with your reception desk to create a striking, parallel look.

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