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Whether you are looking to kit out a full office, or just a working room in your home, then Planscape have a chair to suit you.

Planscape offer our customers some top quality furniture that will look good for years to come, at prices that can’t be beaten anywhere on the web.

Never underestimate the importance of a good office chair.

A wide variety of seating

Planscape are able to provide a wide range of seating, in all sorts of forms. We have a chair to fit in any area of the office – be it meeting rooms or reception.

Just some of the seating that we offer are:  

·         Reception sofas
·         Conference chairs
·         Executive and managers chairs
·         Meeting chairs

And lots more too.

Providing support for workers

All of our chairs are designed to be ergonomically supportive of the back, so any employees are completely protected by a slice of great chair engineering.

A good seating system is literally supporting the back bone of your workforce on a daily basis.

The NHS is inundated with office workers that are suffering from a variety of back and neck pain – in fact they estimate that 7.6 million working days are lot each year due to this common ailment.

The posture problems that workers are suffering from can be significantly helped (if not entirely eliminated) with an ergonomic chair, specially designed to rid people of any back or neck ache.

If your employees are in pain or having time off, poor office seating could be to blame. Making sure that they have the access to the best seating available, keeps staff happier and healthier with less time off.

It gives your personnel the opportunity to focus on the task at hand, and increases productivity within the workplace. Which is good - everyone benefits in the long run. 

Styling the office

When it comes to office furniture, always remember to buy the best chair that you can afford.

Because all of the chairs that Planscape sell are top quality, they look chic wherever you put them. Attract customers to your business and show them just how well your company is doing – by putting some stunning furniture in the reception entrance.

Let everyone know who the boss is by choosing one of our top of the range Executive Seats. These are intensely comfortable and designed to alleviate back pain and all sorts of other symptoms that you may suffer from, therefore leaving the boss to focus on his job.

So if your office is designed in a contemporary style or a retro one, Planscape have a style of super comfortable seating to suit any interior décor.  

If your office is designed in a contemporary style or a retro one, Planscape have a large selection of comfortable seating arrangements to suit any office interior.

For more information or specific product enquiries contact us or use the Contact Form. You can also call us for free on: 0800 612 9608.

Multiply Chair

Range from £188

Delivery 2-3 weeks

Ikon Chair - Cantilever

Range from £107

Delivery 4 weeks

Coco Sofas

Range from £709

Delivery 4 weeks

Cascara Lounge Chair

Range from £552

Delivery 4 weeks