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Choosing The Right Desk For You

When choosing office desks there are a lot of things to take into account. Whether you have a huge city centre complex or a tiny three-desk start-up, Planscape can tailor-make a desk plan to suit your specific requirements.
One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing an office desk is the size of the space available. Getting the right measurement is key to ensuring that you have a fully functioning office with happy and productive employees. Nobody enjoys being cramped into a tiny area whilst they are trying to work. Providing employees with ample space is important in both ensuring that they can work to the best of their abilities and that they are comfortable throughout the day. As such, office desks should have sufficient storage space, as well as enough room to work without feeling cooped up.
Equally, purchasing desks that are too large for a restricted space can cause mobility issues and create workplace Health and Safety hazards.
All organisations and workspaces will have different computer desk requirements – there is no one-size-fits-all. Planscape can fully customise your furniture to suit any sized room or workforce. We can also help you to effectively plan your office space wisely – a critical factor in being able to fit every item of furniture in comfortably. Workstations should be arranged in such a way that the user is centrally placed. Employees need to be the chief focus of the desk and there needs to be space for all of their equipment too.
When looking to kit out the office with a whole new range of computer desks, your first port of call will usually be design features. The principle criteria for selecting office desks is usually style, shape, colour, materials and finish. Equally important, however, are the functional considerations. Your choice of office desk will depend just as much on its aesthetic criteria as its intended function, purpose and placement within your work place environment. 

Our office desk is where the majority of us spend our working day. If the desks are uncomfortable, of poor quality or cheap, it can cause unnecessary distraction, a dip in motivation, business revenue or even detract potential employees from taking up a job within your business.
Workstations and office desks can also be standalone items or configured into larger groups. We have an extensive range of high quality, ergonomically designed office desks and workstations that will support a good, healthy posture. All of our products carry a five year guarantee and we are UK-wide producers of top quality, bespoke office furniture.

We have an extensive range of desks, including office desks, bench desks, workstations, executive desks and corner desks. Oblong or square, glass or wood– the choice is yours. Our classic desks come in a fine quality laminate or wood veneer, which give a sophisticated and professional look, one that is classic for the working environment. If you are looking for something a little more modern, then our glass topped desks are ideal.
What makes Planscape stand out is our highly personalised approach. We tailor all of our plans to each individual client, which is why we have such a dedicated clientele across the UK. Before you make any final decisions, we will give you our professional advice to ensure that you are making the correct choices to suit your workplace, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for wider practical considerations too.
The products listed represent only a small section of the complete range of office desks we provide. For further information or specific product enquiries, contact us now or fill out our Rapid Response Form. You can also call us for free on: 0800 612 9608

Progress Height Adjustable Desks

Range from £642

Delivery 6 weeks

Linnea Desk Range

Range from £394

Delivery 2-3 weeks