Call Centre Furniture
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Pods, Desks or Both?

Whether your call centre operations house only a handful of employees or thousands, Planscape can help you equip your business with the right office equipment for your needs.

Call handlers, administrators, sales teams and office management all play an integral role in the success of your call centre service and as such, ensuring that they have the right tools and comfortable environment to work in is essential for the growth of your business.

We supply call centre organisations across the UK with user-friendly workstations in a wide selection of styles, colours and layouts which are suitable for any number of work groups.

In any call centre, inbound or outbound call handlers are perhaps the biggest asset to the business; they are generally the frontline of your operations and your primary contact for new and existing customers. Accordingly, all of our office workstations are specifically designed to make their jobs easier.

Low-level partitions or desk dividers allow employees to communicate and collaborate on tasks, while giving each a defined workspace with enough privacy to focus and tend to their individual responsibilities in.

Depending on your needs, you can select workstations with enough space to accommodate hard-drives and a number of pedestal storage units for stationery or other frequently used equipment.

Our desk tops are compatible with almost any type of technical equipment, so any PC, telephone or headset cabling can conveniently be directed away from surfaces, to keep work areas organised and free of trip hazards.

We supply a diverse range of styles that enable you to personalise your premises and capitalise on your available floor space. Designs include bays and bench-style banks of desks, circular or semi-circular pods and clusters, for a variety of work group numbers. They are also lightweight enough to be easily relocated, as the demands of your business may change and evolve over time.

We know that space planning for a call centre can prove challenging, since you need to take into account various factors, including power access, ease of navigation, trading hours and organisational structure, but we offer a range of support services to help you simplify the process.

We provide a comprehensive planning and installation service to equip your premises with a functional yet aesthetically pleasing design, as well as a choice of finance options to help you manage your costs. All you need to do is talk to us about your business and budget and together, we can build your call centre work space, covering all the essentials you need to get your business running smoothly and employees working efficiently.

These products only represent a small selection of our diverse call centre furniture range. Contact us for more information or to enquire about a specific product. You may use the Contact Form or call us free on: 0800 612 9608

Matrix Desk Range

Range from £314

Delivery 2-3 weeks.

Linnea Desk Range

Range from £394

Delivery 2-3 weeks

Hawk Call Centres

Range from £1632

Delivery 3-4 weeks

Elite Call Centre

Range from £1643

Delivery 2-3 weeks